Black Rose Gin hosted a group of influential women in media and business, at Annica’s Designer Patisserie, located in Fourways, the North of Johannesburg. The day was filled with warmth, laughter and education on gin, graced by the likes of TV and fashion star Blue Mbombo, Actress Jessica Nkosi and social media sensations that brightened up the room curating picture worthy moments.


Introduced in January 2018, Black Rose ‘Blush’ is a pomegranate infused gin. It has 5 natural botanicals that give every sip a uniquely refreshing burst of pomegranate flavor, distilled for an extra smooth, taste experience. This perfect botanical blend is exactly the right amount when infused, for you to enjoy socially or in the comfort of your own home.



Friday, 03 May 2019

Black Rose Gin is a South African produced and distilled Pink Gin. Hidden in the mountains of the Cape, Black Rose Gin is beautifully crafted in a copper pot for enhanced flavor enrichment. Distilled at a distillery located 60 kilometers outside Cape Town CBD, Black Rose is produced using only the finest 
botanicals and natural ingredients.


Black Rose ‘Blush’ is the only pomegranate infused gin you’ll find in SA retail. It has a unique taste offering, which sets it apart from any other gin. Launched in January 2018 Black Rose has enticed consumers with its sophisticated and sensual packaging leading to a wanderlust taste experience, carefully crafted with time and love. It is available in a 750 ml bottle and has a 43% alcohol content.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Immediate hints of pomegranate fill the senses, followed by those familiar juniper berry aroma’s.

Palate: As with the nose, the initial taste bursts with that pomegranate flavor, but this is quickly neutralized by the citrus of the orange. None of these flavors however take away the juniper berry influence which is first and foremost the essence of what gin is.


How Black Rose Gin can be perfectly served:

  • 35ml Black Rose Gin
  • 250ml Tonic Water
  • Garnish with a tablespoon of fresh pomegranate dropped into the glass.

Recommended Garnishes:

  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Orange slices 
  • Grapefruit slices
  • Pink peppercorns 

Smiles and laughter

Mbombo sisters: Blue and Brown 


Host with the most: Troy Molaiwa