YAE was recently invited to the launch of NutriDay’s Strong Everyday campaign. What was different about this launch was that we and other media houses were invited to attend the launch at the Danone Boksburg Factory where we got to see how the yummy NutriDay is made.


While the team will be releasing some more information about the launch and what you can expect to see from them (in terms of the campaign rollout and the new-new they’ve got coming), I would like to share with you about our day in the factory! 


Monday, 01 Apr 2019

Its so amazing how we can all be caught up in our worlds or never really question how things come about. Listen here, as a foodie, I’m just happy to eat delicious food, but over the past years I’ve really taken interest in the things that I actually put in and how they come about. Look at me adulting!


Upon our arrival, we were treated with breakfast and some yummy snackables. I couldn’t help but notice how clean their factory was. And no, not like duh obviously they are expecting you guys there, so they are going to clean up. But like the factory super clean – like new factory. That clean, silly. 

We also met the marketing and brand team who introduced us to the campaign and took us through the factory. We were given our gear, which consisted of a jumpsuit (overall), boots, earplugs (it’s actually noisy when you get deep in the factory), glasses, gloves (for those with nail polish – but we actually don’t touch any of the actual mixtures, it’s just a safety precaution which we appreciate) reflector vests. The guys really take safety and cleanliness seriously – issa win!  


The factory is a smooth operator. People know what to do, what is required and really is a well-kept conveyor belt. Though we were not allowed to take pictures of all the different sections of the factory, I can assure you that the final product you get to see goes through thorough process to ensure that it is fresh, healthy, and well packaged. 

A team like no other

gallery/nutriday media factory visit 14march19-5
gallery/nutriday media factory visit 14march19-15
gallery/nutriday media factory visit 14march19-29

We also played games – product knowledge and luck vibes. Ahhh your girl was so bumped that she didn’t win anything but yeah the team made sure we were always plugged in, engaging and entertained. All I kept thinking about was how seeing that yoghurt actually made me happy – and hope when you open your next NutriDay, you’ll smile and appreciate it as well.