2019 started off on sports mode, and I tell you I’ve been having such a difficult time catching up with what’s required. Whether it be updating the blog, attending events, keeping up with work, being an awesome friend and all those other super roles we take on – I definitely needed a boost. 


One of the first things to tell me that I need to slow it down is my body. Geez, once you’re on the other side of 30 getting rid of the flu, a hangover or even exhaustion requires more days (if not weeks) than ever before. So, every now and then, I do appreciate an unexpected pick me up. And that is exactly what NetFlorist have managed to do.


Monday, 01 Apr 2019

From attending back to back meetings, I came to a desk which had a big “in-love” emoji pot vase housing a beautiful plant. The team at NetFlorist are celebrating International Day of Happiness in a big way! 


While I was still admiring my pot plant – I was called at reception to collect another package! A selection of hand-crafted handmade Belgian chocolates and truffles. I’m in Heaven!

I guess it’s true though, when you’re in a good space, you’re able to give off positive vibes. I really just wanted to give a shout out and show some love to the team at NetFlorist. Thank you for putting a smile on face and I’ll make sure I spread the happiness all-round!


Let’s try to make everyday an International Day of Happiness, neh? Let NetFlorist help you say ‘thank-you’, ‘I love you’, or ‘I just wanted to brighten your day’. Check them out on www.netflorist.co.za or on their social media pages. 


International Day of Happiness is on the 20th of March. Mark it in your calander so that you're always covered for next year and all the coming years!





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