Foschini Beauty has taken a seat and re-strategized their beauty direction and you might want to listen. The relaucnh of The #AllWoman range is bold and beautiful, celebrating every type of woman, in every shade. 


A bold campaign was started with everyday woman at the helm. 


Representation seems to be a key focus as we can see with the tutorials they released in December 2018. 4 ladies of different ethnicities and backgrounds shot makeup tutorials and used the products for the first time, on camera. Two makeup artists with different skin tones, one model with a penchant for perfecting her face and the gal in the middle of getting better at a brow. 


Monday, 01 Apr 2019

It was refreshing to see everyday people tackle makeup the way we do in the mirror. If you missed that, click here to view:

The #AllWoman campaign celebrates makeup as a form of war-paint. Foschini Beauty refers to the makeup as armour and using that to express whatever you want to represent on the day. 


The next step of the campaign saw the national influencer#BeautyBrunch tour the majour cities in South Africa. Starting in Durban to launch, then home to JHB and Pretoria, to windy Cape Town and back to JHB to round the fun off. The #BeautyBrunches were intimate settings with a maximum of 18 guests seated with personal makeup kits and mirrors for each lady. 

Along with the makeup tutorials, the cackles, contours and cocktails – the message of #warpaint was beautiful and simple and it lived in the room the day of the 3rd of March at the finale in JHB. This particular brunch focused on a woman’s emotions and why she has to even wear warpaint. It also inspired people who didn’t know each other to share their stories and get inspired and uplifted by total strangers in a room. 


Foschini’s position and decision to focus on the voice of the woman as well as the makeup is leading the brand to a new and exciting journey in their reputation in the industry. Next weekend on the 6th and the 7th of April 2019, we see Foschini debut the first African Beauty Revolution conference – where makeup and beauty get to exist for #AllWoman in one room for a weekend. Click here for details on tickets:

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Foshini All Woman Beauty range

We were also well fed

All the ladies were sharing their incredible mbokodo stories


The Beauty Revolution will be jam-packed with panel talks, tutorials, amazing discounts and your favourite makeup artists and Youtube Stars to share what they’ve learnt about their war-paint. 


Stay tuned to Alter Ego for the inside scoop on the Beauty Revolution!



Tutorial time - we were all in there!

We sealed the day with a kissed to Star Khulu, who was an incredible host