Stella Artois in collaboration with Mr. Gwej of Mr. Gwej’s Kitchen brought together media personalities, guests and friends of the brand to celebrate the fusion of tradition and modernity through Christmas inspired gastronomical experience with an at-home feel at a private residence in Parktown North. 



“Each bottle of Stella Artois honours centuries of Belgian brewing heritage, with a design that hints at our origins and the quality taste that still captures the imagination of beer connoisseurs of today. The star design on the bottle harks back to the first Christmas brew crafted as a special gift for the people of Leuven by the original Master Brewer Sebastian Artois,” said Stella Artois Marketing Manager, Mr. Thomas Lawrence.



Stella Artois: The Original Christmas Beer

Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

The rich history paired with the rich flavor on and in every bottle of Stella Artois inspired Mr. Gwej of Mr. Gwej’s Kitchen to assemble a menu of his famous traditional dishes with modern touches. The nibbly bits on the menu complimented the intricate flavour and enticing seduction in each chalice of Stella Artois. The malty middle and crisp finish as well as the pleasantly bitter flavour of Stella Artois made it the perfect accompaniment for the experimental and unfussy approach to food that Mr. Gwej of Mr. Gwej’s Kitchen champions.



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Although the art of pairing food and beer is a relatively new culinary phenomenon, the distinctive taste of the Stella Artois stretches the imagination of a brave chef, with contrasting and complimentary results. Beer and food pairing are certain to become the new delicious addition to the gatherings of family and friends over the long sunny afternoons and warm evenings this Christmas time. 



Mr. Gwej of Mr. Gwej’s Kitchen welcoming guests


A gift of Stella Artois this Christmas season will make a great way to honour that one person in your life who brings light and love to your life through their companionship and support. It will be an amazing gift for those who host in their homes. So, in the spirit of the season, pick up a bottle and give beautifully to your friends and family, share the holiday cheer, and sip on the original Christmas beer – Stella Artois.


Moshe Ndiki and Vuyolwethu Ngcukana.


Tumi Mohale, Kgali Molefe and Tshepi Vundla.


Celebrity designer Sylvester Falata and King Ndlovu