Your Alter Ego was invited to the introduction of the Nokia 7.1 smartphone. Listen here, I was super excited to see what the giants have been keeping up their sleeves – because let’s be honest, these underdogs can bite fo sho! 


Okay so while I was at the launch, I posted on social media and most people were surprised that Nokia still made phones – smartphones to be exact. One of the key take outs for me was that HMD Global (the team that creates Nokia) need to make a bigger noise about available Nokia products – I mean they gave us the legendary Nokia 3310, so they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.



Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Okay back to the Nokia 7.1. At first glance it looks sleek and has a great design. It offers a premium display – so you would surely be proud to own this looker. Yep, you guessed it right, it was love at first sight. It is midnight blue in colour (my favourite colour) and the beautiful diamond edges had my attention. Yeah yeah yeah – looks matter when it comes to gadgets alright! 



The Full HD+ 5.8 (14.7cm) tall display is ideal for easy viewing. It may look bigger than it really is, but isn’t as it fits perfectly into my hands. Therefore, you can navigate through the phone simply pleasurably with one hand and you can slide across quite easily. You literally get the fully viewing experience without the bigger handset. I had a great smile when I was told that it is also protected with Gorilla glass 3 to prevent the screen from shattering – but we are not saying go on and be reckless. Ha! 



I was happy to leave the HD screen brightness on standard mode because it wasn’t too bright or too dim. It was perfect regardless of the lighting in the room as the display is able to adjust to any lighting to give it a great viewing experience. This feature allows you to also enjoy the image display – as it offers great colour, ratio and contrast giving you an amazing media experience. However, if it doesn’t work for you, you have the option of adjusting it in the settings menu.



Storage – one of the key factors for me when it comes to purchasing a mobile device. The Nokia 7.1 that I was reviewing had 32 GB internal storage but you can get one with 64GB memory. There’s also a SD card slot for extended memory. Winning! For those of us who love pictures, videos, apps and a whole lot of music.  



The Nokia 7.1 has dual cameras with a 5MP front camera and a 16 MP with LED flash rear camera. Both cameras are great for recording and taking pictures that clear and crisps making them so social media worthy. I mean slay us please! 


My final mobile review point is the battery. The Nokia 7.1 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon feature which provides your phone with long-lasting battery – this is personally one of my favourite features of the phone. The battery level on this baby is incredible. A fully charged battery can last up to 2 to 3 days! Have you ever! Though the USB charging head is a little bigger than the universal (commonly used) charger – just carry your charger with you or get a small adapter to make sure you’re always sorted. 


Introducing the new Nokia 7.1 smartphone


Let’s talk about the placement of the finger sensor. Fingerprint scanner is at the back of the phone (rear-mounted), you can open your phone easy using your index finger. Only challenge I had in the beginning is that the sensor is right below the camera. So until you get used to going directly to the finger sensor – you’ll get your camera glass dirty. But you should clean your glass before taking a photo either way! Or just get a cover silly. 



On the phone unlocking options, you can choose not to have anything – which is not highly recommended for security purposes, but you can swipe open your phone, use a pattern or pin or password. There’s also the smart lock feature, which includes voice match, face detection (which doesn’t require you to be too close to the screen – issa win for me). Furthermore, you also have an option to activate the body detection unlock feature, which unlocks your phone when there’s movement and the phone is on you. How cool?! I love having options! 



On the operating and apps side of things – the mid-range smartphone operates on the Android Pie 9 OS, which gives it a user-friendly interface, endless photo storage with Google Photos (super amazing), Google Assistant and pre-installed apps. It literally only has Google apps e.g. Maps, Photos, etc. – so you have to download all your preferred apps such as Facebook, Twitter and so forth. I like it so that you’re not “forced” to have an app sitting there taking up space that you might probably never use. I’m guilty of this.


Overall, I love HMD Global’s Nokia 7.1 smartphone. It’s a mid-range beast that is full of great surprises and wonder. I can’t wait to come across any additional cool features which I’m yet to discover. When they said dynamite comes in small packages, they definitely had this R5 999 beauty in mind. 


gallery/nokia cover1

Unboxing the Nokia 7.1

Full HD+ Display for your ultimate viewing pleasure

Pre-loaded Google apps 

Micro sim and SD card slots

The Nokia 7.1 uses a thicker charging connector

Selfie taken at night using the Nokia 7.1

Battery details features (absolutely loved this!)