The who’s who of Jozi’s social scene went out for a #FingerLickingLoud comedy evening with the new KFC Crunchmaster & comedian extraordinare Mpho Popps at AGOG Gallery in downtown Joburg.




As you probably know by now, I love me some delicious food and I was super excited to try out the latest addition to the KFC menu. Having seen the ad doing its rounds on various media platfroms - I knew that this meal was something to look forward to. If you haven't seen the ad, worry not - I got you. I've included it at the bottom of this piece. 



Monday, 03 Dec 2018

gallery/prod shot

The CrunchMaster is currently available nationwide as:

  • A Burger for R54.90
  • A Regular Meal for R69.90; and
  • A Box meal (including 2 Zinger wings) for R79.90


In the meantime, I thought I'd give you a brief background about the ad - because vele I'm nice. The ad shows two administrative clerks tucking into their Finger Lickin’ Loud CrunchMasters behind shut counter windows with a “back in 15 minutes” sign. With two deliciously crunchy fillets and double the cheese, the CrunchMaster, leaves their ears with a bout of tinnitus causing them to speak louder than usual, with hilarious consequences. See below what transpired... it's a must see!



If you were wondering what makes up the much talked about KFC CrunchMaster, it consists of a sliced tender fillet cooked golden-brown and KFC's finest fresh ingredients, all wrapped inside a large tortilla. Goodness me, I just got hungry typing that. 

Still from the KFC CrunchMaster ad

Okay so back to the launch, AGOG Gallery was buzzing and listen here, we did not feel the chilly weather - the way Mpho and the CrunchMaster kept us warm. Mmmm lucky us!


See who was in attendance, in pics, below.




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KFC CrunchMaster


Comedian Mpho Popps doing his thing

CrunchMaster takeover

Actress, Presenter: Mbali Nkosi


Issa vibe


Great laughs, giggles and food