Over the years South African road trips have become synonymous with Wimpy. Travel itineraries for many families undoubtably include a stop at a Wimpy store to refuel and refresh – and with almost 50 Engen 1Stop forecourts with Wimpy restaurants countrywide filling up, in more ways than one, is definitely a little easier and convenient.

To help South Africans to love the journey just a little more, Wimpy has partnered with FNB. The introduction of FNB On The Go, will enable customers on eBucks level 2 or higher to redeem a breakfast or burger meal at any Wimpy Engen 1Stop outlet across South Africa via the FNB APP.

“A partnership with FNB on this initiative is a strategic move for Wimpy. Our wide footprint, deliciously affordable food and friendly table service paired with FNB’s solid background and extensive reach means we’ll be able to bring more families together to share special moments while they travel across the country and we are always happy to welcome new families into our Wimpy family,” says Jacques Cronje. 



Wednesday, 31 Oct 2018

FNB On The Go is live on the FNB banking APP since Monday, 15 October 2018 and all eBucks Rewards clients that are on reward level 2 and above will automatically receive their very first Wimpy voucher which they can redeem at any Wimpy based in an Engen 1Stop along the country’s major transit routes. These Wimpy vouchers that are exclusively available on the FNB banking APP are valid for three months only and will expire every time a new voucher is issued.

Wimpy is looking forward to a successful roll-out of the FNB On The Go initiative, positive uptake of Wimpy vouchers and welcoming FNB customers’ families into the Wimpy family, and helping them to create moments that are worth sharing while they trek across the country.


Heads Up:


*Wimpy vouchers issued on the FNB banking App are only valid for sit-down orders.


*With almost 50 Engen 1Stop forecourts with Wimpy restaurants countrywide, many FNB customers that hit the road will enjoy their Wimpy favourites with vouchers issued on the FNB Banking App. 


*FNB customers just need to produce their Wimpy voucher via the FNB Banking App and they’ll receive a free Wimpy breakfast.


*Enjoying a Wimpy burger while on the road is that much easier. FNB customers on eBucks reward level 2 and up only need to redeem their vouchers at any Engen 1Stop with a Wimpy restaurant.