September marks Heritage Month – 30 days dedicated to celebrating our country’s cultures, history, language and food.




As a rainbow nation - filled with all manners of races, creeds, religions and beliefs - we can all agree that it’s important to be proud of who we are. With six different colours, M&M’s is essentially a rainbow nation in a bag.  




Monday, 17 Sept 2018

gallery/m&m's chocolate 45g
gallery/m&m's peanut 200g

Celebrate Heritage Month by stepping out of your comfort zone. If you need an icebreaker, why not share a bag of M&M’s? As the saying goes, ‘The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people’ – so get sharing!


This Heritage Month, M&M’s is encouraging us to get to know another person’s beliefs and interests. So, why not:


o   Learn a new word or phrase from one of our twelve official languages (with my shockingly lazy tongue, I'd love to learn Tshivenda) 

o   Eat something you have never tried before, like anything considered traditional African cuisine (as a food lover, trust me, I excel in this depart)

o   Listen to a different music genre (I should start at Mroza Fakude's Van Damme)

o   Visit a heritage site such as the Apartheid Museum or Robben Island (I'm ashamed to say I've never been to the Hector Peterson Museum even though I'm a Sowetan - shocking really!)

o   Listen to other people’s stories and get to know someone who is different from you (I love people, so this one should not be too hard - YAY!) 

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