Wouldn’t life be easier if you could get only one bill for all of your connectivity and entertainment spend? YES PLEASE!

Most of us currently get multiple bills, deal with several service providers and may have a number of monthly debit orders coming off their accounts. Globally, customers have become accustomed to converged offerings through one provider for all their connectivity and entertainment services, all on one plan and bill. For instance, I have one service provider for my cellphone, use another for my WiFi at home, use a different provider for calls. In short, I'm a mess.

I hear that now we (South Africans) can join the international trend, by signing up for MediaPlay, a revolutionary new, first-to-market solution from Cell C. MediaPlay empowers consumers to plan and budget for their connectivity and entertainment needs through one contract. This transformation contract gives us all access connectivity and entertainment in one plan. MediaPlay allows customers to connect with the world and with friends and family PLUS keep up with their favourite movies, series, sports, news and music – all through one simple and affordable plan.

MediaPlay allows customers to get access to
·         Voice and SMS;
·         Data;
·         Subscription to the entertainment platform, black with free streaming 

“MediaPlay simplifies our customers’ lives by bringing them an all in one communications and entertainment solution through great value plans, whether on mobile, high speed fixed 4G or Fibre,” says Cell C Chief Commercial Officer, Junaid Munshi.

Customers no longer have to have the hassle of paying multiple subscriptions for on-demand entertainment, home Internet and mobile connectivity. Instead, Cell C’s MediaPlay suite of products allows customers to get all of this in one simple package. Consumers have the option to connect through one of three formats: MediaPlay Fibre, MediaPlay LTE or MediaPlay Mobile with various plans to suit their budgets.

Customers will be able to purchase their MediaPlay plans directly from www.mediaplay.co.za with just a couple of clicks. On the site, customers will find an interactive educational video and a tour of exactly what MediaPlay is all about, what it offers and how to get it.  Customers can also sign up for MediaPlay at any of the Cell C stores countrywide, or by calling our call centre on 084 145.

“It’s that easy. The hassle of multiple bills and debit orders are now a thing of the past making life simpler, thus giving Cell C customers more time to connect, browse and enjoy hours of endless entertainment,” concludes Munshi


Monday, 17 Sep 2018