If you are like me and love you love running, you will definitely appreciate Nike’s latest product offering – the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo. Suitable for elite runners, the Turbo was inspired by dominant marathon shoes and provide a speed upgrade.




With the Soweto Marathon coming up on the 4th of November, it is vital that you are well prepared for the race. Whether you are doing the 42KM or 10KM, you should have the proper elements to help you perform at your best - and that is exactly what The Turbo does.





Friday, 17 Aug 2018


I just got more excited to hit the road… here’s to our summer bodies!  



The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo is available globally on www.nike.com and in October at selected retailers in Mzansi.


Let’s get into the details of the shoe. The design of The Turbo has a ZoomX foam in the midsole – which is a layer of material between the inner and outer soles of a shoe made for absorbing shock – and has an aerodynamic shape of the heel.



The ZoomX foam is Nike’s lightest foam and delivers 85% energy return, meaning that the foam helps reduce the amount of energy lost every time you hit the ground. Think of it as bouncing. Before you start wondering off, The Turbo’s shock absorber feature will dampen the bounce and help you maintain control – much like that of cars. How cool?