If you’re a social media fanatic, you may have seen the hashtag SmashTheLabel trending a number of times on your timeline. Well if you’re still not quite sure what that is about – allow me to break it down for you.  



Castle Larger, SA’s home grown and patriotic beer brand, will remove its front body label in a series of limited edition packs. You’re probably thinking – why are they doing that? Well the purpose of the movement, called #SmashTheLabel, is aimed at bringing South Africans closer together by driving awareness and creating conversations around the pervasive problem of labelling and stereotyping.




Friday, 17 Aug 2018


Pssss – come closer. Did you know that award-winning producer, Dj Maphorisa supported the movement by launching a new song this month (August) called “More Than That”. I’m a huge fan of Dj Maphorisa and I have no doubt it will be a banger.


Over 4 million 340ml size Castle Larger bottles will be available and will hit the shelves on 14 September.


To find out more information on the ongoing activations, follow the #SmashTheLabel website www.smashthelabel.com or follow the conversation on social media.


You’re probably wondering how you can participate in this movement… well it’s simple really, share a beer and get to know the person behind the label. We need to get to a point where we look at people beyond what race, gender or sexuality they are. 


I look forward to the conversations that will be sparked as we stand against and overcome labelling and stereotyping. I have to say that this came at the right time – in women’s month – where gender base violence is put on the spotlight.